ProjectNow Dashboard (CDP)

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Elevate your project management to new heights with Consolidated Dashboard Platform (CDP), brought to you by IPEC Project Systems Sdn Bhd. Our revolutionary solution transforms project reporting by seamlessly integrating data from Oracle Primavera, BIM, Contract Management, ERP systems, and more. Unlock the true potential of your projects with real-time insights and integrated reporting that empowers proactive decision- making

benefits of projectnow dashboard


Access real-time project data for agile decision- making, ensuring you stay ahead of project dynamics.

Unified Visibility

Experience the power of consolidated data from various sources, painting a comprehensive picture of your project's performance.

Customised Dashboards

Tailor visualizations to match your unique project management needs, spotlighting the metrics that matter most to you.

Predictive Intelligence

Leverage CDP's predictive capabilities to anticipate challenges and seize opportunities before they arise.

Collaboration Boost

Foster transparency and teamwork with a centralized platform where stakeholders access real-time insights.

Efficiency at core

Built on the solid foundations of Power BI, Cesium JS, and Java, CDP streamlines data integration for seamless insights.

Automate data collection and reporting, saving valuable resources for strategic planning.

Identify bottlenecks, track milestones, and ensure smooth progress for enhanced efficiency.

Whether it’s a single project or a diverse portfolio, CDP scales to meet your needs consistently.

Seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources, breaking down silos and delivering a comprehensive view.

Make well-informed decisions by considering cross-functional data across your project’s landscape.

Focus more on analysis and strategies, as centralised reporting eliminates manual data compilation.

Discover hidden correlations and dependencies that lead to proactive measures for success.

Foster a culture of accountability with transparent data that spans interconnected project aspects.