About us

We help organizations to successfully deliver projects and programs through our world class PPM, BIM,ERP solution and empower project professionals through professional project certification & training courses.

Our core business is Oracle Primavera PPM solution and since incorporation IPEC has assisted 50 over clients who have invested in Oracle Primavera solution through our mix of bespoke implementation services, training & professional services. As part of our vision to be integrated solution provider IPEC have diversified our offerings by expanding our technology offerings through partnership with 4M Group,STO Navigator Inc, Collabro UK and Softech Corp.

Our pool of trained and certified professionals work with clients to understand their business goals, operational requirements, functionality, budget and propose solutions that meet client requirements.

IPEC is Approved Education Provider (AEP) with AACE International a recognized technical authority in cost, schedule & risk management for programs, projects, products, assets and services. All our client engagements and training courses are tailored based on AACE International internationally recognized frameworks & recommended practices.


Our core values have defined the culture and character of our company guiding how we interact and make decisions. This is reflected in our relationship with our client, employees, associates and business partners.


Service Oriented

We are focused on delivering the highest level of service and value which exceeds our client's expectations.


We conduct ourselves with the highest level of professionalism, exhibiting positive work behaviors and attitudes in all our interactions.


We act openly, honestly and directly in all our interactions and always uphold the reputation of IPEC Project Systems Sdn Bhd


We show respect to all customers, associates, partners and colleagues and take into consideration the views and desires of others.

Innovation Defines Our Future and gives us competitive advantage. Our customer-centric focus drives us to create innovative solutions that directly address customer needs.


We effectively collaborate, share and work together as a team in a culture of openness and inclusion.


We earn our clients' trust. We do this through consistent superior service, our professional conduct, and complete commitment. Each one of us is responsible for earning and keeping our clients' trust with our individual behavior and the quality of our work.

People are our greatest asset

Employee talent is the cornerstone of our success: Their expertise and capabilities win us the work, perform the work and create value for our clients. We create an environment where our employees meet fresh, exciting challenges and experience the satisfaction of a job well done.


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